Thousands Of COVID-19 Deaths Not Reflected On Ohio's Public Data Dashboard

Feb 11, 2021

There was a huge jump in COVID deaths on the state’s coronavirus dashboard, and more big bumps are coming in the next few days. 

As many as 4000 deaths will be added into the overall total, which Ohio Department of Health Director Stephanie McCloud says comes from a problem discovered in the past couple of days.  

“We are starting our standard administrative review process as to how the issue arose and why it was not flagged sooner and I’m really able to comment on anything more than that until that’s completed," McCloud says.

Today's coronavirus dashboard
Credit Ohio Department of Health

McCloud suspects part of the problem is because there are two points of entry for death data. This is not the first time the agency has dealt with sluggish data. Last fall, COVID cases lagged behind because of incomplete data from local health departments.