Three People Now Under Investigation For Coronavirus; No Confirmed Cases In Ohio

Mar 5, 2020

There are still no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Ohio, but the state department of health reports three people now under investigation.

Along with those three people under investigation, there have been seven people who were tested and are negative for the coronavirus disease COVID-19, and 255 people are or have been in self quarantine.  

Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton said the state now has kits and can conduct its own tests.

And she said CDC guidance on what to do will be constantly changing, resulting in big decisions like the one to cancel the Arnold Sports Festival for spectators, except for the finals.

“We will be making more of these – many of you lived through many epidemics over time. We will be making more of these every day," Acton said at a statewide summit on coronavirus held in Columbus on Thursday.

Acton says so far this appears to be similar to the H1N1 or swine flu pandemic, which started in April 2009 and went on for 16 months.