Will In-Car Breathalyzer Bill Pass The Ohio Senate?

Nov 15, 2016

Backers of a bill that would allow for expanded use of in-car breathalyzers for those convicted of drunk driving are hoping state senators will take action on the measure soon.

Annie Rooney of Ross County was killed by a repeat drunk driver in 2013. Her brother Walt has been asking Ohio senators to pass what’s been called “Annie’s Law”, which provides incentives for requiring drunk drivers to install the devices.

“It would act like a probation officer every time they try to start their vehicle. If they do blow alcohol into it after they are convicted, it would not start the vehicle.”

The bill passed the House easily, but Republican Senator Jay Hottinger says he’s not sure there’s time to pass it in the Senate.

“The difficulty I think right now is the process of whether or not we can have enough committee hearings to be able to weigh the bill and in short order, get it through.”

If the Senate doesn’t pass it, the bill will die and the process would have to start over with the next General Assembly in January.