"Worker Protection Act" Proposed To Help Those Who Are At Risk From Working Conditions

May 26, 2020

As Ohio opens for business again, many workers have qualms about returning to their jobs. Some Democrats are proposing a bill they say will protect those workers.

Rep. David Leland sat on the House committee that heard from business owners who wanted to reopen. But he says the panel never heard from workers who fear returning to work will put them at risk for COVID-19.

“Really no one should have to choose between their life and their livelihood," Leland says.

His “Worker Protection Act” would allow people who are at risk, older or live with a person in those categories to stay on unemployment for the full 39 weeks, along with those who lack child care or feel they are working in unsafe conditions. The state has said it hasn’t denied any benefits related to COVID-19, but is evaluating the criteria it deems appropriate to refuse to return to work.