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2018 Ohio Candidates Videos

Web-exclusives with the candidates for US Senate, incumbent Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and U.S. Congressman Jim Renacci (R-16). Also web-only videos with candidates for governor Constance Gadell-Newton (Green Party) and Travis Irvine (Libertarian Party of Ohio).

Karen Kasler

The US Census Bureau says more people under 24 voted in Ohio last year than in the last few midterm elections.  But younger Ohioans still aren’t voting in numbers as big as their counterparts in nearby states.

U.S Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) on election night 2018, and Donald Trump in a rally in Delaware County in 2016.
Aleksei Pavloff/Rachel Niemi

There were some surprises buried in the results of the 2018 election, many of them for Democrats, who lost the five big statewide executive offices.  And they could be disappointing to non-partisans.

Tina Maharath for Ohio Senate

The results for a razor close central Ohio Senate seat have flipped after officials counted the remaining provisional and absentee ballots. The race is just the latest seat to flip from Republican to Democratic.

Daniel Konik

Winners from the November election have been moving ahead toward the offices they’ll occupy in January. But one group is prepared to lose a lot when the vote is certified next month.

Karen Kasler

This month’s election results are still unofficial, and the process to close out the 2018 midterms starts this weekend.

Karen Kasler

Ohio’s incoming Secretary of State is taking some heat over one of the people he picked to co-chair his transition team – Ken Blackwell, who’s been blasting Democrats in the ongoing vote count in Florida. But Sen. Frank LaRose (R-Hudson) is standing by his choice.

OGT/Ohio Channel

The Green Party and the Libertarian Party of Ohio appear to be on the verge of no longer being recognized as minor parties, based on the results of last week’s vote and a state law from 2013. But a spokesman for one of those parties says that law actually protects their status.

Andy Chow

Gov.-elect Mike DeWine and incoming Secretary of State Frank LaRose have announced their transition teams – the people who will help set policy, personnel and priorities for the next four years.

Aleksei Pavloff

One of the three Democrats who won statewide in Ohio last week, U. S. Senator Sherrod Brown, says he’s thinking about his next step - maybe running for president.  

The maps of Ohio’s 2018 election results for governor, attorney general, auditor, secretary of state and treasurer look a lot like the 2016 Ohio results map for president. And there are a lot of theories about why that is, and whether Ohio keeps its status as a “swing state” or if it’s now simply red.

Karen Kasler

Many political strategists are weighing in on what this year’s election results mean for Ohio going forward. With the GOP sweeping the statewide executive races, many say Ohio is without question a “red state”.  One politician says - somewhat surprisingly - that’s not necessarily the case.

Jo Ingles

This week’s election underscored some weaknesses for Ohio Democrats. The party’s candidates lost all of the statewide executive offices and gained seats but also lost some in the state House and Senate. This has left many wondering where Democrats in Ohio go from here. 

Andy Chow

Hot off his election night win, Ohio’s Governor-elect Mike DeWine made his first round of staff announcements. That includes the creation of a new position to carry out what DeWine says is among his top priorities.

Statehouse News Bureau

For the third time in four years, Ohio voters soundly rejected a constitutional amendment that cost supporters millions to put on the ballot.  There is concern on both sides over the cost and the results of the vote on Issue 1.


While Democrats saw big wins in other Midwest states, they were shut out of their statewide executive races in Ohio. Strategists say Ohio is one step closer to losing its swing state status.

Karen Kasler

Democrats gained some ground in the Statehouse in this midterm election, but not much. The results won’t shift power in either chamber.

Dan Konik

Ohio Republicans swept the statewide office races in yesterday’s election -- carried by a big victory from Mike DeWine who beat Democrat Rich Cordray for the governor’s office. While the Democrats did have some major wins, the Republicans said the night belonged to them. 

Ohio’s senior US Senator won a third term in what was virtually the only bright spot for the state’s Democrats in this midterm election. But the victory for Sherrod Brown over Congressman Jim Renacci was much narrower than many expected.

Karen Kasler

The only issue on the statewide ballot in Ohio was trounced by a two-to-one margin. Voters rejected the constitutional amendment that would have lowered drug possession from a felony to a misdemeanor and would prioritize treatment for those offenders.

Daniel Konik

The Statehouse News Bureau talked to voters in three counties about why they came out to vote in person today.

Andy Chow/ESB Professional (Shutterstock)

Education is a major issue in the race to become Ohio’s next governor. Both Republican Mike DeWine and Democrat Rich Cordray say students take too many tests, but the candidates diverge on how they plan to reduce testing and support schools. 

Andy Chow

The candidates running for statewide office made one last push in several cities in Ohio on the last day before the election. 

Robert Kneschke/shutterstock.com

It’s no secret that political campaigns use data to try to persuade voters. But a report from Ohio’s Miami University says some of this data is being weaponized to target voters who are most likely to be influenced – and they may not even realize it.

Karen Kasler

Voters in southwest Ohio’s Butler County who returned ballots in envelopes that didn’t have the correct information on them will get their votes counted anyway. 

Karen Kasler

The major party candidates for governor are spending this last full day of campaigning pushing for votes in what is coming down to be a close race. Democrat Richard Cordray is uniting with another candidate who’s likely to do well in this midterm election, while Mike DeWine has been going to both ends of the Republican spectrum in Ohio.

Karen Kasler

More Ohioans have requested early absentee ballots for this midterm election than the last one in 2014. But Ohio is behind other states that are seeing record early turnout levels. And there’s a lot of speculation about whether that shows a “red tide” is building again in Ohio, or whether the state will be part of the nationally-predicted “blue wave”. 

Sherrod Brown vs. Jim Renacci: U.S. Senate Race Issues Guide

Nov 1, 2018
Dan Konik

In Ohio’s U.S. Senate race, incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown has a double-digit lead in most polls over his Republican opponent, Congressman Jim Renacci (R-Wadsworth). Brown is vying for his third term in office in a campaign that has been bitter and personal at times. And Renacci is still working to convince voters to consider his campaign. Both candidates were asked for their views on some of the most pressing issues facing the nation and Ohio.

Karen Kasler

A federal appeals court has ruled that Ohioans who were removed for not voting over a six-year period must be allowed to vote in this midterm election.

Karen Kasler

Recent polls have shown the race for Ohio governor is very close. And that means the results could come down to provisional ballots – those cast by people who didn’t have proper ID, for instance – and to absentee ballots that hadn’t arrived at boards of elections by Tuesday. And that means Tuesday night’s total might not be the final outcome.

David Petkiewicz, Cleveland.com

In almost every election, the economy is considered the top issue. Both Republican Mike DeWine and Democrat Richard Cordray say they have plans to spark Ohio’s economy, which has come back from the Great Recession but has been lagging the nation in job and wage growth. In a continuing series the Statehouse News Bureau breaks down how the two major party candidates for governor stack up when it comes to key issues.