2020 presidential election

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Several elected officials in Ohio have condemned the mob of pro-Trump extremists that stormed the U.S. Capitol building. State leaders, including Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio), have said the insurrection is an attack on democracy.

Secretary of State Frank LaRose signed the document certifying Ohio's 2020 election during a Facebook Live event.
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The results of the 2020 vote in Ohio have been officially certified as the highest turnout ever. Nearly three quarters of all registered voters cast ballots.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost at a press conference at the Statehouse in September 2019
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Ohio’s Republican attorney general wants the US Supreme Court to overturn a Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling extending the deadline for absentee ballots to be returned in that state.

Melissa Martin and Rita Lewis in Chillicothe
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President-elect Joe Biden won his race to the White House without carrying several battleground states, including Ohio. That means for the first time in 60 years, the state didn't help pick the president, leaving millions of voters there hoping the election had gone the other way.

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As other states continue to tally the votes in the presidential race, President Donald Trump is making unfounded statements about widespread fraud that other leaders say undermines the election process. Ohio leaders have mixed responses to Trump's claims.


While Ohio's election results show a big win for President Donald Trump, leaders are voicing their support for other states as they continue to count votes in the presidential race. That includes some of the state's top Republican officeholders.

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President Donald Trump winning Ohio by 8-points over his Democratic challenger two elections in a row has strategists wondering if Ohio is now a solidly red state.

Ohio GOP Chair Jane Timken at election night party
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Ohio Republicans are claiming a Donald Trump victory in the state with more than 5.6 million votes cast and counted. The unofficial results are showing Trump with a more than 8-point lead over Democrat Joe Biden. Election night saw the outcomes turn in a little slower than usual with several big wins for the GOP. 

The map of Ohio's presidential vote in 2016, when Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton by carrying 80 counties. He won by 8 points.

Ohio may not be the battleground state it usually is in a presidential election, since the national focus is likely to be on Pennsylvania. But Ohio’s status as a state that mirrors the national vote – a bellwether – is at stake this time.

Gov. Mike DeWine checks in to vote at the Cedarland Event Center in Cedarville, after waiting in line to vote on Election Day.
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Though a record 3.4 million Ohioans cast ballots early by mail or in person, among those standing in lines to vote on election day was Republican Gov. Mike DeWine, near his home in Cedarville.

Ohio Voters Line Up For Early Morning Voting On Election Day

Nov 3, 2020
Early morning voters line up at this precinct in Canal Winchester with sunrise on the horizon.
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Many voters lined up at their local polling location around the state to kick-off the last day of voting in the 2020 election. Even with an emphasis on early voting, there were still long lines spotted in Ohio.

An overhead shot of the line behind the Franklin County Board of Elections early vote center around 3:30pm on Sunday, the final day of weekend early voting.
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Thousands of Ohioans cast ballots on the final day of weekend early voting in Ohio – some standing in line for hours. That includes many at the early voting center in the state capital.

Sec. of State Frank LaRose (R)
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Early vote centers throughout the state have been busy all weekend. In fact, they’ve been busy since October 6th when Ohioans could begin voting. The state’s election chief is happy about that. 

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The presidential campaigns are heading into the final days of voting before Election Day and the candidates are looking to shore up support in battleground states with one last pitch to voters. Strategists have suggested that getting out the vote among people of color can become a pivotal factor in the race.

A barn east of Columbus in Licking County is painted to support President Trump.
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62% of rural Americans voted for Donald Trump for president four years ago, according to exit polls conducted by The New York Times. Ohio's farmland was Trumpland in 2016, and Trump is depending on a repeat of that, since no Republican has lost Ohio and still won the White House. But Democratic nominee Joe Biden is hoping to make some inroads or at least chip away at Trump's dominance in rural Ohio.

President Trump and Sen. Joe Biden
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Women are a key demographic for President Donald Trump. In 2016, he lost the overall women’s vote. But he won with white women and with white women without college degrees. This year, the Trump gender gap has widened, from around 11 points in 2016 to 14 points in the latest Quinnipiac poll of Ohio voters, and Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden is leading with women by much more than that in key states such as Michigan and Wisconsin. 

The blue absentee ballot packet features a red envelope to return the ballot in.
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With less than two weeks left in early voting, 16 Ohio counties are recovering from delays in getting absentee ballots to voters because of a problem with an outside vendor.

President Trump and Joe Biden in a screenshot from the debate in Cleveland on September 29.
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The campaign ad war between President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden and groups that support them has been fairly even in Ohio.  But the final stretch shows the candidates are changing their spending plans for this state.

Office of Gov. Mike DeWine

The majority of Ohio's population is living in a county under a Level 3 health advisory, with 29 counties listed as "red" with very high exposure and spread of COVID-19. The spike in coronavirus cases and hospital admissions has Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) once again addressing the predicament of political rallies.

Voters at the Franklin County Board of Elections on the first day of early voting on October 6, 2020
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There are now more registered voters in Ohio than in the last dozen years, but the total didn’t set a record.

Instructional pamphlet that comes with absentee ballots.
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Voter rights groups have a message to people who are new to filling out mail-in absentee ballots: read through the instructions on the ballots carefully. Advocates say there are several ways a voter can get tripped up which is why it's important to send the ballot in early.

Franklin County ballot with races specific to Whitehall sent to Worthington voter
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Secretary of State Frank LaRose (R-Ohio) has issued a directive for the Franklin County board of elections in order to fix the mistake of sending wrong ballots to voters. The scope of the problem is yet to be determined. But election officials say this creates an important lesson for voters around the state.

Line outside Franklin County Early Vote Ctr, First day of early voting
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Early voting is underway in Ohio, so voters who ordered ballots by mail will begin receiving those soon. But thousands of voters will go to their local boards of elections to cast ballots in person, starting today.


President Donald Trump’s positive COVID-19 test has stirred questions about what health orders were followed at Cleveland Clinic during the presidential debate on Tuesday.

Mike DeWine, September 15, 2020
Office of Gov. Mike DeWine

Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) is assuring the people of Ohio that the state's elections are fair and secure. While it seemed to be in response to President Donald Trump's comments that undermined the validity of the election, DeWine refuses to criticize Trump.

Vote Polling Location
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During the first presidential debate in Cleveland, President Donald Trump urged his supporters to go to voting locations and "watch very carefully." The comment was made during a discussion on the election results. But voter advocates are making it clear that only people with a special designation can actually go into polling locations with voters.

Joe Biden campaigned in Columbus before Ohio's pandemic shutdowns. Donald Trump frequently campaigned in Ohio in 2016, including at John Glenn Interntional Airport.
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The first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden in Cleveland was raucous with Trump interrupting his opponent throughout the event. Supporters of both candidates say the style of the debate draws a contrast between the two candidates.

Neighbors on a street near the debate site at Case Western Reserve University have differing political viewpoints - and are demonstrating them with their yard signs.
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Political junkies are anxiously awaiting tonight’s first presidential debate. But while many in the US and around the world will be watching, a lot of Americans will already know who they’re planning on voting for. 

The Sheila and Eric Samson Pavilion, where the debate will be held.
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The first presidential debate gets underway in a few hours in Cleveland. And around Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Clinic, where it will be held, streets are blocked off, security perimeters are up and Ohio National Guard personnel are helping police control people and traffic.

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The latest Quinnipiac poll shows the race between President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden is a virtual dead heat – with Biden leading Trump 48% to 47%.