Andy Chow

Gov. Mike DeWine says part of the state's effort to keep young people safe must involve improving teenage driving. That's why Ohio is rolling out a new program that can give new drivers more practical training before they even get behind the wheel through a virtual driving assessment.

Ohio Department of Public Safety

There’s a bill in the Ohio Legislature that its sponsor says will ensure you spend less time at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. 

Dan Konik

A group that says it advocates for voters is proposing some changes to a new bipartisan bill that backers say will make it easier for voters to update their registrations when they deal with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. 

Ohioans are now navigating a new process to get their driver’s licenses. It’s mostly the same, but with a big difference.

Jo Ingles and Andy Chow

A state agency that most Ohioans use is finally allowing a user friendly feature that was adopted long ago by most businesses.