child custody relinquishment

Parents advocate for more funding into multi-system youth programs in 2019.
Sam Aberle

Ohio is launching a new program aimed at coordinating care for kids with complex mental and behavioral health issues. It's part of a plan to keep families intact while seeking treatment.

Sen. Matt Dolan (R-Chagrin Falls), Senate Finance Committee chair
Andy Chow

The Ohio Senate’s budget plan adds more money to the fund that helps children who are dealing with severe mental and developmental issues while shifting policy to help parents maintain custody of their children in the process.

Senate Finance Committee holds hearings on state operating budget bill.
Sam Aberle

Parents who have surrendered custody of their children to youth services are telling Senators about their heart-wrenching decisions. Because of limited resources and lack of insurance coverage, these families can no longer afford treatment for a range of mental health and developmental issues.