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Many students gather at the steps of the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus to call for action against climate change.
Andy Chow

Hundreds of students skipped class to rally at the Ohio Statehouse for action against climate change as part of the worldwide Climate Strike protest. 

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A new report from the Ohio Environmental Council and Policy Matters Ohio says climate change has significant negative impacts on children's health, which they say highlights the urgency to reduce carbon emissions. 

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The Trump Administration is touting a new report that shows a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions nationwide. But Ohio environmental advocates say the celebration will be short-lived because of President Donald Trump’s new policies. 


A new study from an environmental group says summer fun, as we know it, is changing -- that traditional summer activities, like going to the beach or even catching a ballgame, are under threat by climate change. 

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Several Ohio cities, colleges and universities are joining a nationwide alliance to create a show of force to the country that they’re dedicated to fighting climate change. The effort comes just days after the U.S. announced plans to leave the Paris Climate Agreement. But the alliance in Ohio seems to stop at the local level.

Andy Chow

President Obama’s main plan to fight climate change is now being challenged in court. And while environmental groups have already advocated for the plan, there’s another set of voices in Columbus that want to be heard.