There continue to be concerns by cities and police agencies that they can no longer easily prosecute people who are carrying small amounts of marijuana because of the state’s new law allowing hemp and CBD oil. Some say the problem is there’s no good way to test marijuana to see whether it complies with the new hemp law. 

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The backer of a new law legalizing hemp and CBD oil in Ohio says law enforcement officials will soon have access to new testing technology that will be able to easily distinguish the amount of THC in a product. That testing is needed in order for cities to comply with the new law. But at least one city isn't waiting for it and is making a change to its enforcement policies right now.

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Next month, the National Veterans Memorial and Museum will open to the public. But this one of a kind facility isn’t in the nation’s capital. It is in Ohio’s capital city. 

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Vice President Mike Pence is set to visit Columbus tomorrow to tout the new federal tax reform plan but there will be attention on something else outside the venue.

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Former Gov. George Voinovich passed away nearly six months ago. A public memorial service honoring his life will be held at the Statehouse Wednesday night. 

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President Obama will be campaigning in Cleveland later today. But last night, he was in Columbus where he spoke to Democrats attending the annual state party dinner. The President had a pretty tough message for Republicans - but tailored for the Democratic Party faithful.

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The likely Democratic presidential nominee, former Secretary of State, New York Senator and first lady was in Columbus today, talking about business and economics.

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie introduced Republican frontrunner Donald Trump at a rally in Columbus Tuesday. Here's what Christie told the crowd that gathered at an airport hangar near Port Columbus.

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump emphasized the need for trade laws to be tougher at his rally in Columbus. That is the kind of message that appeals to one specific group of voters – so called, "Reagan Democrats".