A vaccination clinic in Westerville north of Columbus in June
Karen Kasler

Ohio’s COVID numbers are higher than they’ve been in two months, as the number of new vaccinations inches up only slightly.

Now that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has advised all Americans, vaccinated or not, to wear masks indoors to prevent spread of the highly-contagious Delta variant, what will Ohio businesses and government do? 

Members of ONG's 37th Infantry Brigade Combat Team help out at the Mid-Ohio Food Bank, March 2020
Dan Konik

Some Democratic state lawmakers say the Ohio National Guard has helped keep Ohioans safe during the pandemic. So, some lawmakers have drafted a bill to give members $1000 each as a thank you for their service. 

Nurse draws vaccine into vial at Columbus clinic, March 2021
Dan Konik

Less than 50% of Ohioans are fully vaccinated. And numbers from Ohio’s Department of Health show a staggering difference between serious COVID cases in unvaccinated and vaccinated Ohioans. 

A technician from the Findlay College of Pharmacy fills a syringe with a dose of the Pfizer vaccine at a clinic in Reynoldsburg in February 2021.
Dan Konik

While the school districts are prohibited from mandating people to get the COVID-19 vaccine, the Ohio Department of Health is issuing guidance strongly recommending students and staff get the shot before the new school year.

DeWine speaks to reporters at Ohio Statehouse
Dan Konik

The Ohio Department of Health’s latest COVID guidance for K-12 schools strongly recommends those who can be vaccinated get shots, and masks for those who can’t or choose not to. But it doesn’t mandate masks for all, like some individual schools are doing. 

Dr. Patty Manning-Courtney, Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Jo Ingles

Pediatricians are warning the new contagious Delta variant is putting kids under 12, who cannot be vaccinated right now, at greater risk of contracting COVID. 

Licking County classroom in 2019
Dan Konik

COVID cases in Ohio are trending upward as schools are preparing to reopen for the upcoming school year. So, what do teachers think need to be done to make sure schools are safe?

The 144-foot Giant Slide, a fixture at the Ohio State Fair since 1969, stands empty at this year's fair.
Dan Konik

The Ohio State Fair is open – but there are no rides, no food vendors, no games, and no attendees.

Jo Ingles

Ohio’s COVID-19 rates are on an upward trend, and less than half of the state’s residents have been vaccinated. Still, some lawmakers want to make sure Ohioans who don’t want to get vaccinated or don’t want to wear masks won’t feel compelled to do so. The latest bill would keep schools and businesses from requiring masks for entry. 

A technician from the Findlay College of Pharmacy fills a syringe with a dose of the Pfizer vaccine at a clinic in Reynoldsburg in February 2021.
Dan Konik

Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) has signed a bill into law that prohibits public K-12 schools, colleges, and universities from requiring people to get a vaccine if that vaccine does not have "full approval" by the Food and Drug Administration.

Lorenzo Thomas of Columbus, now living in Maui, Hawaii, gets a COVID vaccine at a mass vaccination clinic at the Ohio State University's Schottenstein Center in March 2021.
Dan Konik

With more than 40% of Ohioans unvaccinated against COVID, the Ohio Department of Health is urging people to get those shots. And they say it’s critical with the way the highly contagious delta variant of the disease is spreading.

Ohio National Guard personnel who helped with distributing food throughout central Ohio during the pandemic get a "clap out" from volunteers and employees at the decommissioning program.
Karen Kasler

Last spring, Ohio was the first state to deploy its national guard to help with what became a critical element of the pandemic: getting emergency food to people in need who were locked down at home, including those who’d been unemployed and many suddenly out of work. The people dispatched to help are now off that job.

Dr Sarabh Rajpal
Ohio Dept of Health

The Centers for Disease Control says 323 cases of heart inflammation have been verified in young people who received COVID-19 vaccines. The agency is now exploring whether the vaccine actually caused those problems. But some of the state’s top doctors say fear of those side effects are not a good reason for young people to avoid getting the vaccine. 

Gov. Mike DeWine gets second COVID-19 vaccine
Office of Gov. Mike DeWine

A bill in the Ohio House would make it illegal for employers or schools to mandate vaccinations. Gov. Mike DeWine has some thoughts on the measure.

Ohio Dept of Health

There are only two weeks left for Vaxamillion - the state’s weekly drawings in which vaccinated Ohioans can win a million dollars or a full-ride college experience. But Gov. Mike DeWine is hinting there might be some new prizes coming in the future. 

Johnson & Johnson vaccine
OSU Medical Center

There are 200,000 doses of the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine in Ohio that will expire later this month. Gov. Mike DeWine has issued an urgent communication to vaccine providers to ask them to distribute as many doses as possible as quickly as possible.

A woman gets a vaccine at drive-through Franklin County clinic
Dan Konik

Doctors blame a range of misinformation and myths for the reasons why more Ohioans are not getting COVID vaccines right now. And health leaders say more people still need to get vaccinated in order to prevent pockets where the virus can be a bigger problem.

Dan Konik

The COVID-19 case rate in Ohio has dropped to the lowest it's been in a year. Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) used the decreasing case numbers to call on people to get their vaccinations.

L-R Youngstown Mayor Jamal Tito Brown, Columbus Mayor Andy Ginther, Findlay Mayor Christina Muryn
Ohio Mayors Alliance

Mayors of some Ohio cities say past and future tax abatements might be affected by a bill under consideration that would allow employees to receive refunds on income taxes if they work from home in a different city. 

Johnson and Johnson Vaccine
OSU Wexner Medical Center

The COVID-19 case rate continues to drop in Ohio as the state moves into a new era of the pandemic without health orders. But Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) says the key is to increase vaccination among a certain portion of the population.

Aleksander Krsmanovic,

Republican Senate leaders say their budget makes proposed changes in child care that will make it more accessible to low-income Ohioans. But advocates for child cares say eliminating the state’s five-star rating system for daycares will hurt children. 

Dr. Patty Manning-Courtney, Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Ohio Dept of Health

Ohio’s statewide pandemic health orders have expired. And while the mask mandate has also been lifted, doctors say there are people who should still be wearing masks. 

Ohio Lottery

The Ohio Lottery commission has drawn the next set of names in the "Vax-A-Million" sweepstakes and the state is preparing to unveil the second winner of the $1M jackpot along with the winner of the college scholarship sweepstakes. 

Sen. Andrew Brenner (R-Delaware)
Jo Ingles

There is disagreement over whether the database that was created when vaccinated Ohioans entered the state’s Vax-A-Million lottery is a public record. Now, a bill is being introduced that would make sure it isn’t. 

Ohio Department of Health

Those color-coded maps of COVID cases that Ohioans have been watching on the state’s coronavirus website to see how their counties fared as compared with others will be going away. 

White Mocca,

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More than 2.7 million Ohioans have signed up for the state’s vaxamillion drawings. But there are questions as to whether information Ohioans gave to be eligible for that drawing could be subject to public records laws. 

Natee Meepian,

Last year, Ohio lawmakers passed a law allowing municipalities to continue to collect income taxes from employees who were temporarily working from home in other communities. The Ohio House has passed a bill that would change that. 

COVID-19 vaccine, January 2021
Franklin County Public Health

The Ohio Department of Health says it tracked an increase in the vaccination rate since the creation of the $1M sweepstakes.

Ohio Vax-A-Million
Ohio Department of Health

Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) is banking on the million-dollar lottery to ramp up the number of people who get vaccinated in Ohio. But will a lottery incentivize people who are on the fence about the COVID-19 vaccine? Experts in the field of economics and psychology sound off on how lotteries impact social behavior.