Dave Yost

Attorney General Dave Yost speaks to reporters at a press conference in February 2020.
Karen Kasler

An income tax cut inserted into the budget by Ohio House Republicans only strengthens the state’s case against a ban on tax cuts in the latest federal COVID relief package, according to the official who’s leading the lawsuit over that ban.

Dan Konik

A federal judge has dismissed Republican Attorney General Dave Yost’s lawsuit against the Biden administration to force the results of last year’s Census to be released by the end of this month. Ohio had hoped to start drawing new legislative and Congressional maps soon, for the first time under a process approved by voters.

Attorney General Dave Yost speaks to reporters at a press conference in February 2020.
Karen Kasler

President Biden will travel to Columbus next week to promote the federal COVID relief package that will send $11.2 billion to Ohio and its local governments. But the state’s attorney general went to court today to stop a provision in that $1.9 trillion stimulus package.

Ohio Secretary of State

The League of Women Voters of Ohio is opposing a lawsuit filed by Ohio against the decision to hold back Census data till September 30 because of the pandemic and concerns about accuracy. But reports the clock is already ticking on starting the process to draw new maps for Ohio’s state House and Senate districts and for the U.S. Congress.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost
Jo Ingles

Ohio’s Attorney General is suing the Biden administration over the delay in the release of the 2020 Census data.

1.7 million 1099-G tax forms will be mailed this month to Ohioans who got unemployment benefits – and to some that didn’t but are the victims of fraudulent claims. And Ohio's attorney general is concerned about that.

Attorney General Dave Yost gestures at a press conference in September.
Karen Kasler

A court ruling will block new charges from appearing on electric bills next month. Those fees were created to a nuclear power plant bailout which is under investigation for its role in a bribery scheme.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost, at a press conference in his office in February 2020.
Karen Kasler

Ohio’s Republican attorney general is joining in part of the lawsuit Texas has filed against Pennsylvania. But he's not asking for results in four battleground states that Democratic President-Elect Joe Biden won to be thrown out - which is what some Republicans were hoping for.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost at his 2016 sunshine initiative news conference
Jo Ingles

A liberal leaning watchdog group says Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost has used his official capacity to collaborate in partisan efforts. And it's filed a lawsuit to compel Yost to turn over documents related to work he’s done with a Republican Attorneys General Association.

The Perry nuclear power plant, one of two that will receive subsidies from House Bill 6.
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There are only a few weeks until new charges are set to hit all Ohio electric bills, and there’s still no repeal of House Bill 6, the disputed law that created those charges. Now the attorney general has filed a second lawsuit involving collection of that money.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost at a press conference at the Statehouse in September 2019
Karen Kasler

Ohio’s Republican attorney general wants the US Supreme Court to overturn a Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling extending the deadline for absentee ballots to be returned in that state.

Daniel Konik

Ohioans who have been deemed by a court to be mentally incompetent are not allowed to possess firearms or have concealed carry licenses. Yet a recent cross-check of databases by the state’s Attorney General showed more than three dozen mentally ill Ohioans still had active concealed carry permits. 

Rep. Larry Householder (R-Glenford) is congratulated after his election as Speaker of the Ohio House in January 2019.
Andy Chow

With a vote set to remove House Speaker Larry Householder tomorrow morning and just two candidates in the race to replace him, there’s apparently a disagreement among Republicans on how that can happen.

Ohio House of Representatives
Dan Konik

It’s been just over 24 hours since Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder was arrested and charged with bribery and racketeering. And since that time, the chorus calling for his resignation has grown. 

Masks sewn by Sew-hio
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12 Ohio counties are under an order by Gov. Mike DeWine to wear masks in indoor spaces and outdoors in areas where social distancing isn’t possible. That order is meant to reduce coronavirus rates in areas of the state where the virus is raging out of control. But the mask mandate is being met with mixed reactions.

Ohio Attorney General's website

Ohio’s attorney general thinks consumers might be confused over information they find on Google and other search engines .So, he’s asking Ohioans to share what they think.

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Ohio gave General Motors some $60 million dollars in state tax credits for its Lordstown operation. Now the attorney general is demanding the company pay the state back.

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A court in eastern Ohio has dismissed a case that brought criminal charges against the owner of a diner in Cambridge for failing to comply with rules set forth in the state’s reopening plan for restaurants. This was the outcome the state’s Attorney General had requested.

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Ohio has joined six other states in suing a pair of Texas-based businesses, saying they have blasted Ohioans with more than 59 million illegal robocalls offering extended car warranties and health care services. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) masks, gloves, goggles
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The state has filed a lawsuit against a Cleveland-area man for hoarding personal protective equipment that is sorely needed by health care workers fighting coronavirus. 

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Most Ohioans will soon be getting a stimulus check as part of a federal aid bill signed into law last month. Banks and creditors might see this as an opportunity to collect. But, Ohio’s law enforcement chief is putting them on notice that they can’t touch that money.

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A panel of three federal court judges won’t get involved in a dispute over abortion and the state’s coronavirus order regarding elective surgery – which keeps facilities that perform abortions open for now. 

Sign on door of Columbus area Hobby Lobby Tuesday
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Hobby Lobby stores in Ohio are closed now after Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost sent the company a cease and desist letter. The company had claimed it was operating as an essential business. But as Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports, that company isn't the only one that is being questioned about why they are operating as an essential business.

Ohio Attorney General David Yost
Jo Ingles

Earlier this week, a federal judge temporarily ruled Ohio cannot force abortion clinics to close under the coronavirus order banning elective, non-essential surgery. Now,  the state is considering its next move.

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A federal judge has temporarily blocked the state from using the coronavirus order that bans elective, non-essential surgeries to stop the six clinics in Ohio that offer surgical abortions from performing those procedures.

Ohio Atty General Dave Yost
Jo Ingles

More than a week ago, the state Board of Pharmacy created new limitations for prescribing drugs commonly used to treat lupus, malaria and autoimmune diseases. Now, Ohio’s Attorney General says there is evidence some doctors might be hoarding them and potentially selling them as coronavirus therapies. 

Legal abortion supporters and opponents
Jo Ingles

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost is ordering abortion clinics to stop all non-essential procedures. Those facilities are fighting back, saying their services are essential.

Attorney General Dave Yost gestures at a news conference last month.
Karen Kasler

The attorney general is advising Ohio’s courts that they can suspend jury trials to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost
Jo Ingles

Many Ohioans are working from home. And some community meetings are being held online instead of in person due to concerns about coronavirus. But there are some meetings that cannot be held online.

Attorney General Dave Yost takes questions from reporters at an event in January 2019.
Karen Kasler

A deadline for local governments to sign onto the state’s effort to reach a settlement with drug companies passed over the weekend without being officially extended.  But additions to the One Ohio plan apparently are still being accepted.