David Pepper

Andy Chow

The head of Ohio’s Democratic Party is throwing punches at Republican Senator Rob Portman for his part in the continued Supreme Court vacancy, saying that a new development makes it even more important to fill the seat now. 

Andy Chow

Gov. John Kasich has won his first primary, here in his home state. But it’s not plausible that he’ll be able to get enough delegates to win the nomination outright. And his win makes it more difficult for the other two candidates in the race to win the nomination. So what does that mean for the future of the party as the campaigns journey toward the convention this summer in Cleveland?

"The State of Ohio"

Throughout the Republican presidential town halls and debates, Gov. John Kasich has painted himself as a moderate in the race. A top Democrat in Ohio is disputing that picture but insists he's not doing so to give Donald Trump the upper hand in the state.