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Attorney General Dave Yost talks to reporters about his review of the facial recognition database.
Andy Chow

Attorney General Dave Yost is shutting off direct access to the state's facial recognition database of driver’s license photos for thousands of local law enforcement officers, after a review of how and who was using that database.

Franklin County Municipal Court Judge Jodi Thomas (center) participated in a workshop to help people get their licenses back, along with Anne Roche from Southeastern Ohio Legal Services (left) and Ohio Poverty Law staff attorney Megan O’Dell.
Karen Kasler

A six-month pilot program that sought to help low-income Ohioans get their suspended drivers’ licenses reinstated finished up last month.

Ohio Department of Public Safety

Some states have been asked to provide photos from driver’s licenses so the feds can use facial recognition software for identification and location purposes. 

Current Ohio Drivers' License
Ohio Department of Public Safety

A lawsuit has been filed against the state for overcharging some Ohioans who have purchased driver’s licenses or state identification cards recently. 

Ohio Department of Public Safety

It's easier right now but it's a limited time offer.  Here are the details.

Ohio Department of Highway Safety

Two lawsuits have been filed against the state over the way it issues drivers’ licenses to legal refugees or children of undocumented Ohioans. 

Ohioans are now navigating a new process to get their driver’s licenses. It’s mostly the same, but with a big difference.

Ohio Department of Public Safety

Some big changes are coming for Ohio drivers’ licenses this summer. Ohio will be one of 42 states that will be mailing drivers’ licenses and state ID cards instead of printing them at the state’s 180 deputy registrars’ offices.