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Certificates of votes signed in December 2018 by Ohio's 18 electors after they voted to award them to Donald Trump, who won Ohio by 8 points.
Karen Kasler

A proposal to allow Ohioans to decide whether the state’s 18 electoral votes should go to the winner of the national popular vote has vanished, just a week after the Presidential Election Popular Vote Amendment first surfaced.

Karen Kasler

A group is working to put before Ohio voters a constitutional amendment requiring the state’s presidential electoral votes go to the winner of the national popular vote.

Dan Konik

A group has filed paperwork to allow voters to join a national effort to get rid of electoral votes and award the presidency to the candidate who actually gets the most votes.

Andy Chow

There weren’t any surprises inside the Ohio Statehouse today as the state’s 18 electors have cast their ballots for Republican President-Elect Donald Trump. But it wasn’t a day without controversy.

Karen Kasler

One of Ohio’s 18 electors who will cast their votes for Donald Trump today is the target of a lawsuit announced over the weekend. But the situation described in the lawsuit is not new in Ohio.

OGT/Ohio Channel

Now that the election is over, lawmakers will be coming back to work at the Statehouse for the lame duck session. But the presidential race is likely to come up in what they discuss.

Karen Kasler

Republican President-Elect Donald Trump won more than the 270 electoral votes needed to put him in the White House. But backers of Democrat Hillary Clinton are questioning whether the Electoral College should change since she won more votes overall.