energy bill referendum

Dan Konik

A national group that advocates for citizens' access to the ballot is urging Ohio officials to not stand in the way of a potential referendum issue, it would ask voters to reject the new energy law that bails out nuclear power and subsidizes coal and solar. 

Karen Kasler

A debate is brewing over whether a group can put the state’s new nuclear bailout bill before voters next year as referendum. The dispute questions if the increased rate on electric bills should be considered a tax increase. 

Dan Konik

Opponents of Ohio's new energy law are rewriting language that they were going to take to voters to reject a nuclear power bailout. This comes after Attorney General Dave Yost denied their first attempt at summarizing the initiative. 

Ohio House meets on July 23 to concur with Senate changes to HB6, the energy bill, to send the legislation to Gov. Mike DeWine.
Andy Chow

The Ohio Attorney General is looking over referendum language filed by a group fighting the state’s new energy law. Ohioans Against Corporate Bailouts says it's against the law that makes electric customers fund a bailout for nuclear plants and scraps successful green energy policies, but there's still no word on who’s backing this effort.

Dan Konik

Ohioans Against Corporate Bailouts has filed its first round of signatures with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office to hold a referendum on the law that bails out nuclear plants and scraps green energy policies.


Ohioans Against Corporate Bailouts is leading the charge for a possible ballot referendum to stop the new energy law that would bail out the state's two nuclear plants through $150 million in ratepayer subsidies a year.