Equal pay

Rep. Emilia Sykes (D-Akron)
Dan Konik

A state group set up to promote the advancement of women and remove barriers to women’s equality was dissolved in 18 years ago, but it might come back if some Ohio lawmakers get their way. 

Andy Chow

House Democrats are trying to create a tool that could make it easier for people to report potential wage discrimination. They believe an anonymous hotline would shine a light on unreported disparities.

Ohio House Rep. Stephanie Howse (D-Cleveland) and backers of the bill
Jo Ingles

Democrats who have long championed a bill that requires companies who do business with Ohio to pay women and men equally have reintroduced that bill. Here's what lawmakers backing the Equal Pay Act are doing this time to get the bill passed.

There’s a bill in the legislature that’s meant to provide a way for women who earn less than their male counterparts to report those situations.

Karen Kasler

Ohio’s 34 House Democrats are all up for re-election, along with their 65 Republican colleagues. But they’re not letting their low numbers set them back as they think about what bills they plan to push in the lame duck session this fall and beyond.

Jo Ingles

A study from the American Association of University Women says women in Ohio are paid 78% of what their male counterparts make. Democratic state lawmakers want to create a new tool that could help close that wage gap. 

Karen Kasler

As committees led by Republicans considered bills related to abortion and guns, Democrats are drawing attention to their bills on economic and educational issues that they say are being ignored.