fetal remains

Gavel outside Ohio Supreme Court
Dan Konik

A law that requires burial or cremation of fetal tissue from an abortion will not go into effect tomorrow as planned. 

Judge Alison Hathaway, Hamilton County Common Pleas Court
Jo Ingles

Abortion clinics that wanted a temporary restraining order against the state over a new law didn’t get it. But they will get another court hearing soon. 

Abortion advocates unfurl banner as Ohio House passes abortion restrictions
Jo Ingles

Abortion providers are suing the state to stop a new law that requires burial or cremation from aborted fetal remains. 

Legal abortion advocates rally at Ohio Statehouse
Jo Ingles

The Ohio House has passed, along party lines, another abortion bill. This one requires fetal remains from abortions be buried or cremated.

Sen. Joe Uecker (R-Miami Township)

The sponsor of a bill requiring fetal remains to be buried or cremated is pleased about a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on a similar law from Indiana.

Statehouse News Bureau

The Ohio Senate has passed a bill that requires remains of some abortions be buried or cremated. 

Ohio Senate

The state Senate has passed a bill that would change the way fetal remains can be handled. 

Jo Ingles

A bill that would specify the handling of fetal remains that are a result of abortions has made it over another hurdle. The bill passed a Senate committee on a party-line vote.

Ohio Right To Life's website

It’s a case of déjà vu’ in the Ohio Legislature, which has the strongest Republican majority in half a century. Some abortion bills that were proposed but didn’t pass before are being re-introduced.

Jo Ingles

The state of Ohio has settled its legal battle with Planned Parenthood, agreeing to pay thousands in legal fees and to not enforce controversial rules on disposing of remains of abortions.

Andy Chow

The Ohio House and Senate took on a jam-packed slate of bills for their last day of lawmaking before leaving for summer break. 

Jo Ingles

The controversial bill that would change the way fetal remains are handled in Ohio needs some clarification, according to a conservative group.

Jo Ingles

A lot of questions are being raised about two bills in the Ohio Legislature that deal with the disposal of aborted fetal remains.

Andy Chow

The proposed law requiring abortion clinics to either bury or cremate fetal remains got its first hearing in a House committee.