Gov. John Kasich

Karen Kasler

Gov. John Kasich has decided where and when he wants to deliver his seventh annual address to the legislature.

Andy Chow

Gov. John Kasich hit at least one big issue that Republican lawmakers were not on board with - congressional redistricting reform. But one of the top advocates for changing it says Kasich has given the issue new momentum.

Gov. John Kasich will leave his presidential campaign behind for a day to deliver his sixth State of the State speech tonight. And continuing a tradition he began in 2012, he’s once again taken the annual address on the road to a new city. This time he’s in Marietta. And residents of that city - and throughout Ohio - will be listening to what he has to say.

Karen Kasler

We now know Gov. John Kasich will be back in Ohio for at least one day in April – regardless of how his presidential campaign is going.