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An overhead shot of the line behind the Franklin County Board of Elections early vote center around 3:30pm on Sunday, the final day of weekend early voting.
Karen Kasler

Thousands of Ohioans cast ballots on the final day of weekend early voting in Ohio – some standing in line for hours. That includes many at the early voting center in the state capital.

Sec. of State Frank LaRose (R)
Jo Ingles

Early vote centers throughout the state have been busy all weekend. In fact, they’ve been busy since October 6th when Ohioans could begin voting. The state’s election chief is happy about that. 

Red Wine and Blue

Many pollsters say suburban women are the key to this election in Ohio this year. Ever since 2018, political parties have been working to attract women to run for office. And right now, it’s coming down to who can get their voters out to the polls. 

The Ohio Channel

Ohio's Bureau of Workers' Compensation will consider a request Monday morning to release the largest rebate in state history. Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) is asking the BWC board of directors to approve a $5 billion dividend.

Perry Nuclear Power Plant
Dan Konik

Opponents of the energy bill that bailed out two nuclear power plants say the latest plea deals in a corruption case sends a strong message that the bill should be repealed.

Andy Chow

The presidential campaigns are heading into the final days of voting before Election Day and the candidates are looking to shore up support in battleground states with one last pitch to voters. Strategists have suggested that getting out the vote among people of color can become a pivotal factor in the race.

A barn east of Columbus in Licking County is painted to support President Trump.
Karen Kasler

62% of rural Americans voted for Donald Trump for president four years ago, according to exit polls conducted by The New York Times. Ohio's farmland was Trumpland in 2016, and Trump is depending on a repeat of that, since no Republican has lost Ohio and still won the White House. But Democratic nominee Joe Biden is hoping to make some inroads or at least chip away at Trump's dominance in rural Ohio.

Chuck Jones, FirstEnergy Corp CEO, after testifying before a Senate committee in May 2017.
Andy Chow

The FirstEnergy Board of Directors has fired its CEO Chuck Jones after an internal investigation into the ongoing federal racketeering case. The announcement came just hours after two defendants in that case entered a plea agreement in court saying they're guilty of the accusations.

Ohio has hit an all-time high in the number of positive cases of COVID-19. During the past 24 hours, 3,590 Ohioans have tested positive for the virus. DeWine is now asking local communities to do more to tackle the spread of coronavirus.

Gov. Mike DeWine
Jo Ingles

Political tensions are high as Ohioans go to the polls Tuesday.  The state is taking some actions to ensure those tensions don’t translate into violence at polling places.

President Trump and Sen. Joe Biden
Dan Konik

Women are a key demographic for President Donald Trump. In 2016, he lost the overall women’s vote. But he won with white women and with white women without college degrees. This year, the Trump gender gap has widened, from around 11 points in 2016 to 14 points in the latest Quinnipiac poll of Ohio voters, and Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden is leading with women by much more than that in key states such as Michigan and Wisconsin. 

House Speaker Larry Householder (R-Glenford) walks out of the federal courthouse in Columbus, after making an initial appearance by video. He was arrested Tuesday, as were former Ohio GOP Chair Matt Borges, Householder's advisor and two lobbyists.
Andy Chow

Federal court documents in the $61 million racketeering case shows two defendants are looking to change their "not guilty" pleas, which means they’ve reached a deal with federal prosecutors and are admitting to their roles in the alleged scheme.

Perry Nuclear Power Plant
Dan Konik

Leaders in Columbus and Cincinnati have filed a lawsuit in an attempt to stop new charges from appearing on electric bills next year created through HB6, which is at the heart of an alleged corruption scandal.


Ohio Democrats are trying to stir up support for a future challenger against U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R-Ohio) whose vote for new U.S. Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett sparked an online fundraiser.

Jo Ingles

President Trump has taken to Twitter, advocating that people who previously voted for Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden change their vote. But you cannot do that in Ohio.

Attorney General Dave Yost announcing the results of Operation Autumn Hope at a press conference at the Statehouse.
Office of Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost

Around 50 law enforcement agencies have arrested 177 people and found 109 survivors in what’s considered the largest human trafficking sting ever in Ohio.  

PBS NewsHour

Bob Murray, the former head of one of the largest producers of coal in the country, died Sunday. Murray's death comes less than a week after stepping down as board chairman of the company he founded.

Dan Konik

As always, the Ohio ballot features the presidential and Congressional races at the top, and next up are those for the state legislature. The entire Ohio House and half the Senate, both of which are controlled by Republicans, are up this year, as the presidential race is close.

A sign in a restaurant in Columbus
Karen Kasler

As Ohio hit another record in both coronavirus cases and hospitalizations, Gov. Mike DeWine and a group of Republican state lawmakers announced how the state will distribute more than $420 million in federal CARES Act funding to people, operations and groups affected by the pandemic.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine says he doesn’t know any of the details about an alleged plot to arrest him under a so-called “citizen’s arrest.” It was discovered after a man who says he was being recruited to help with it reported the plan to the Piqua Police Department. 

Miles Taylor, Operation Grant
Jo Ingles

A former chief of staff with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security says home grown terrorism groups are in Ohio and their prevalence is growing. 

Rev. Jim Wallis
Jo Ingles

Ohio is one of nine states that is part of an initiative between lawyers and clergy members to help voters cast their ballots on Election Day. 

Tana Weingartner, WVXU

A federal lawsuit against Secretary of State Frank LaRose that could have allowed counties to add more ballot drop boxes at various locations for this election has been dropped. 

Americans for Prosperity Ohio

The down ballot races are heating up in the fight over Ohio House and Senate seats. In the spotlight of many campaigns is one of the largest corruption investigations Ohio has ever seen, and the energy bill at the heart of the case.

Fmr. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie
Jo Ingles

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie did debate prep with President Trump in Cleveland last month. A few days after the debate, he was hospitalized with COVID-19. Thursday, Christie made a special guest appearance in Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s coronavirus briefing to drive home a point DeWine has been making. 

The blue absentee ballot packet features a red envelope to return the ballot in.
Karen Kasler

With less than two weeks left in early voting, 16 Ohio counties are recovering from delays in getting absentee ballots to voters because of a problem with an outside vendor.

Opponents of HB6, Ohio's sweeping energy law, gathered for an official virtual hearing to make their voice heard. That includes one of the whistleblowers who went to the FBI to report potential corruption which played a role a federal racketeering case.

President Trump and Joe Biden in a screenshot from the debate in Cleveland on September 29.
Screenshot, PBS NewsHour

The campaign ad war between President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden and groups that support them has been fairly even in Ohio.  But the final stretch shows the candidates are changing their spending plans for this state.

Jo Ingles

The two men whose names are on the landmark US Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage are united in one cause; urging the Senate to defeat the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the nation’s highest court. 

Gov. Mike DeWine briefing

Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) says the most effective way to bring down the current spike of COVID-19 in Ohio is for everyone to start taking social distancing more seriously. DeWine laid out what the stakes are if the virus continues to spread.