There continue to be concerns by cities and police agencies that they can no longer easily prosecute people who are carrying small amounts of marijuana because of the state’s new law allowing hemp and CBD oil. Some say the problem is there’s no good way to test marijuana to see whether it complies with the new hemp law. 

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The backer of a new law legalizing hemp and CBD oil in Ohio says law enforcement officials will soon have access to new testing technology that will be able to easily distinguish the amount of THC in a product. That testing is needed in order for cities to comply with the new law. But at least one city isn't waiting for it and is making a change to its enforcement policies right now.

Gov. Mike DeWine signs bill decriminalizing hemp, CBD products.
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Gov. Mike DeWine signed a bill into law that decriminalizes hemp, opening the door to a whole new agricultural industry. Now state officials are rolling out their new hemp program that will soon allow farmers to grow the crop and others to process it.  

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Most of the attention on lawmakers has focused on their approval of a state budget 17 days after the deadline. But they also passed a bill to decriminalize hemp and license its cultivation. 

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The Ohio Senate has voted unanimously to legalize hemp and related products, including CBD oil.

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Just one day after the Ohio House announced it would be pursuing a bill to allow limited medical marijuana, yet another group got approval to start circulating its petitions to put its issue on the fall ballot.