Andy Chow

The state of Ohio is going high-tech to weed out what could be considered overly burdensome government rules. An agency is using an artificial intelligence program to sift through hundreds of thousands of regulations.

Andy Chow

Ohio's public universities are teaming up to create one simplified process for students and staff to commercialize their research and inventions. 

The audience at last summer’s Third Frontier Commission event where a dozen finalists were each awarded $200,000 in the Opioid Technology Challenge, which seeks high-tech ideas for fighting the opioid crisis. Overall winners will be announced this summer.
Karen Kasler

The fund that the state has used to offer more than a billion dollars for high tech research and development projects since voters approved it in 2005 is running out of money. And there are no announced plans to shore up the Third Frontier program. And some are raising their voices to support it.

Gov. DeWine signs executive order as Lt. Gov. Jon Husted looks on
Jo Ingles

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine has signed an executive order that sets up a new information sharing platform for state agencies. Here's why.

Gov.-elect Mike DeWine has tapped Lt. Gov.-elect Jon Husted to be the director of InnovateOhio, created in law just last month.