Jack Marchbanks

Ohio Department of Transportation

If you’ve driven Ohio’s roads lately, you’ve probably noticed the big signs with cheeky sayings directed at drivers. Here's why you are likely to see more of them in the future. 

The Columbus Crossroads project, still under construction in downtown Columbus, will result in a redesigned “split” for I-70 and I-71. ODOT designated the $1.3 billion multi-phase project as a priority for TRAC funding in 2011.
Karen Kasler

For the first time in several years, an Ohio Department of Transportation panel has voted to move forward on hundreds of millions of dollars in road construction projects.

Daniel Konik

As of November 1, Ohio’s 10.5 cent gas tax increase from the state’s transportation budget has been in place for four months.

ODOT Director Jack Marchbanks testified to the House Finance Committee last month.
Andy Chow

The director of the Ohio Department of Transportation isn’t pleased with the decision by the House Finance Committee to cut Gov. Mike DeWine’s proposed 18 cent gas tax increase down to just under 11 cents. But he’s holding out hope, even though that plan is likely to be on the House floor Thursday.

Gov. Mike DeWine
Statehouse News Bureau

In his campaign for governor last year, Republican Mike DeWine accused his Democratic opponent Richard Cordray of planning to raise taxes. And now, within weeks of taking office, Gov. DeWine is proposing an 18 cent hike in Ohio’s gas tax to pay for road maintenance and construction. 

ODOT Director Jack Marchbanks testifies to the House Finance Committee.
Andy Chow

Ohio’s top transportation official told state lawmakers that drivers could face serious dangers on roads and bridges. His testimony comes in advance of a report expected Friday that’s likely to recommend a gas tax increase.