Jay Hottinger

The nativity display at Ohio Statehouse
Jo Ingles

A small nativity, complete with a figure representing newborn Jesus, is on display at the Ohio Statehouse right now. And the private group and lawmakers who want it there say it’s perfectly constitutional.

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One Ohio lawmaker says current penalties for people convicted of cruelty to pets and other companion animals are too lax. His bill would increase punishment for that crime.

Andy Chow

Gov. Mike DeWine used his first State of the State address to emphasize the importance on building towards a better future. He said Ohio can do this by investing in programs that support early childhood development, public health, and workforce development - and by raising the gas tax.

Jo Ingles

Backers of a bill that would allow for expanded use of in-car breathalyzers for those convicted of drunk driving are hoping state senators will take action on the measure soon.