John Becker

Jo Ingles

Two of the more conservative Republican lawmakers at the Statehouse want to put six different issues before voters that would make Ohio a so-called “right to work” state and eliminate prevailing wage. 

Ohio House

Ohio tax law still has a “marriage penalty” – when married couples file jointly and pay more in state income taxes than they paid separately when they were single. And the issue has resulted in a union of an unlikely pair of sponsors.

The State of Ohio (Ohio Public Television)

Ohio law currently prohibits concealed carry permit owners from carrying their weapons into public or private spaces that are clearly designated with signs saying guns are not allowed on the premises. But a new bill under consideration at the Statehouse would change that.

The State of Ohio (Ohio Public Television)

A conservative Republican state lawmaker has introduced a bill he says will modernize campaign finance reporting. It’s the first bill the legislature has seen on campaign finance since the landmark Citizens United Supreme Court case in 2010.