Joyce Beatty

Police on bikes at Saturday's rally
Jo Ingles

A member of Congress from Central Ohio was with two local officials and other protestors when she was hit with pepper spray at a protest in Columbus.

New Albany
Jo ingles

Facebook plans to build its tenth data center in New Albany in Central Ohio, to open in 2019. The huge $750 million project in Central Ohio comes with a mixture of local and state funding incentives. 

Karen Kasler

Ohio’s two members of the Congressional Black Caucus – both Democrats – are split over whether they’ll attend Friday’s inauguration of President-Elect Donald Trump. 

Karen Kasler

Ohio delegates at the DNC heard a message of coming together at their required meeting Monday morning.  It comes as their convention got off to a rocky start under outgoing chair of the Democratic National Committee Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  The convention is moving forward in the wake of a leaked DNC email scandal over senior party staff favoring of Hillary Clinton’s nomination and bashing fellow Democrat Bernie Sanders.