League of Women Voters of Ohio

Ohio Secretary of State

The League of Women Voters of Ohio is opposing a lawsuit filed by Ohio against the decision to hold back Census data till September 30 because of the pandemic and concerns about accuracy. But reports the clock is already ticking on starting the process to draw new maps for Ohio’s state House and Senate districts and for the U.S. Congress.

Voter protection worker monitors polling place
Jo Ingles

There were no widespread technical problems in Tuesday’s statewide vote. But non-partisan groups who help protect and inform voters say there were some problems in this election, including misinformation, voter intimidation and more. 

Jo Ingles

President Trump has taken to Twitter, advocating that people who previously voted for Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden change their vote. But you cannot do that in Ohio.

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A federal lawsuit against Secretary of State Frank LaRose that could have allowed counties to add more ballot drop boxes at various locations for this election has been dropped. 

Cuyahoga County Ballot Drop Box
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There are four different lawsuits pending right now over Ohio’s voting processes. They range from the way absentee ballot requests can be made to how mail-in ballots can be returned to boards of elections.

Lake County drop box
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A second lawsuit has been filed against the Ohio Secretary of State, asking a court to order more ballot drop boxes being installed throughout the state. 

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Ohio’s Secretary of State says 354 people who are not U.S. citizens registered to vote or actually cast ballots in 2018. And those people could potentially face charges. 

Dan Konik

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose says 182,858 voter registrations were removed from rolls starting on Sept 6. Some community groups are working to get thousands of those voters to re-register.

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Ohio’s Secretary of State is removing more than 200,000 voter registrations thought to be improperly on the voter rolls.  But advocates for voters insist there are thousands who should not be removed.

Left to right – Tom Roberts (NAACP Ohio State Conference), Dylan Sellers (Fair Elections Center’s Campus Vote Project), Jen Miller (League of Women Voters of Ohio), Mike Brickner (All Vot
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More than 235,000 Ohio voters are on a list to be removed from the voter rolls in a little over two weeks.