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Senate Finance Chair Matt Dolan (R-Chagrin Falls) and President Larry Obhof (R-Medina) discuss the budget with reporters the day after it was introduced.
Karen Kasler

The final version of the Ohio Senate’s budget is expected Wednesday. While there will certainly be some proposals added in, some things are unlikely to change – such as the money that goes to a fund that’s been decimated over the last eight years.

Andy Chow

Leaders from Ohio’s 88 counties are calling on two gubernatorial hopefuls to help mend the relationship between state and county governments. A report shows counties have lost more than $350 million in annual revenue. Commissioners say that relationship has been eroding for a decade.

Karen Kasler

Local government leaders believe municipalities are taking some big hits in the latest state budget proposal. Those advocates say this could create a domino effect for cities and towns around the state.

Statehouse News Bureau

Gov. John Kasich’s proposed budget includes a change in the way a portion of the state’s local government fund is distributed to communities. But the leaders of some of Ohio’s biggest cities and a group that represents communities across the state are fuming over that formula.