Matt Borges

Ohio Republican Party Chair Matt Borges looks up at a video while on the floor at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in 2016. Borges expressed reservations about Trump, but voted for him.
Karen Kasler

The former head of the Ohio Republican Party is spearheading an effort to get Democrat Joe Biden elected president.

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) kicked off his "Dignity of Work" tour of key presidential primary and caucus states Wednesday night in Brunswick, OH.
Nick Castele

Ohio’s senior US Senator has launched a tour of key presidential primary and caucus states, but says he hasn’t yet decided if he’ll seek the Democratic nomination in 2020.  But three campaign experts in Ohio have thoughts on Sherrod Brown’s “Dignity of Work” tour.

Daniel Konik

Secretary of State Jon Husted – who’s also the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor – has announced the official title for the only statewide issue that’s on the fall ballot.  Backers say the wording means they have work to do.

Ohio House

This Tuesday’s primary election could have a big impact on who gets elected by state lawmakers to be the House Speaker next week. 

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With around 50 days to go till the November election and no major statewide candidates this year, that’s leaving plenty of space for opponents and supporters of a drug price issue on the ballot to hit the airwaves with millions of dollars in ads. But the main spokespeople for both sides have a lot to say that goes beyond those commercials.

Jo Ingles

The Ohio Republican Party has a new leader. Matt Borges, the man who has headed the party since 2013, has been replaced with a woman, Stark County Attorney Jane Timken. 

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Friday’s vote for chair of the Ohio Republican Party will be the biggest meeting for the party’s 66-member state central committee in several years. And both candidates say they have the votes to win.

Karen Kasler

The feud between the Donald Trump campaign and Ohio Republican Party chair Matt Borges before the election has turned into a challenge over the state party’s leadership next month. Now the party’s top state officeholder has weighed in with an unsurprising but significant vote of confidence.

Statehouse News Bureau

The chair of the Ohio Republican Party is facing a challenge to his leadership at the state party’s meeting next month, after a public feud with the Donald Trump campaign during the presidential race. Matt Borges is now apparently campaigning to keep his job.

Jo Ingles

Insiders are saying that President-elect Donald Trump wants new leadership at the top of the Ohio Republican Party. Now Trump’s top ally in Ohio is doing what he can to unseat current GOP chair Matt Borges.

Karen Kasler

The head of the Ohio Republican Party is likely to have a challenger to his re-election to that position next month.

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This election has emboldened supporters of Donald Trump, and left Hillary Clinton’s backers devastated. But it’s also brought up big questions for those who align themselves with the major political parties. Two former party chairs took time recently to talk about what the results of this election mean for the future.

Thursday November 10, 2016
Andy Chow

Tuesday’s election has polarized many people. The chairs of the Ohio Republican and Democratic parties have differing views on why the polarization may be a good thing.

Karen Kasler

Early voting numbers are coming in from the last few weeks, and from the first weekend of early in person voting. And the numbers could prove to be problematic for Democrats, who found success with early voting in the last presidential election.

Karen Kasler

Polls show the presidential race is close in Ohio – a key swing state that voted for President Obama in the last two elections. This weekend was the first of two weekend of early in person voting, and it had both major political parties working to turn out their voters.

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The chairs of Ohio’s two major political parties are carefully watching the numbers of people turning out to vote early in person and returning absentee ballots.

Statehouse News Bureau

The rift between the Trump campaign on the chair of the Ohio Republican Party blew up into what appears to be a full-blown war.

Karen Kasler

This was a devastating weekend for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in Ohio – he lost the support of three GOP officeholders over lewd comments made about women in a 2005 tape that was brought to light on Friday.  

Karen Kasler

The chair of the Ohio Republican Party is sounding off on the tape of lewd comments from his party’s presidential nominee – but he stopped short of pulling his endorsement.

"Face the Nation", CBS News

Gov. John Kasich’s presidential campaign adviser and the chair of the Ohio Republican Party are angrily reacting to comments made by the head of the Republican National Committee yesterday.

Gov. John Kasich had promised he’d take his presidential campaign all the way to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this summer, but he suspended it last night. This is how the head of the state’s Republican Party is viewing that decision.

Statehouse News Bureau

A top Republican leader is calling out a state representative in response to an investigation into a pay-to-play scheme in his former office.