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A sportbook at New York New York casino in Las Vegas
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The bill to legalize sports gambling in Ohio is not even a week old. And it was changed even before its first hearing on Wednesday.

Ohio Senate

A shooting spree in Georgia left eight people dead, most of whom are of Asian descent. Leaders in Ohio say this is just the latest example of the uptick in violent acts occurring against Asian American and Pacific Islanders since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and legislators say they have a bill that can help address the problem.

The Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville, where executions are performed.
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For the sixth time in a decade, a Democratic state lawmaker has proposed a bill to end the death penalty in Ohio. But this time the measure has significant Republican support.

Ohio Statehouse
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An amendment to ban the sale and display of the Confederate flag at Ohio county fairs failed in committee earlier this week. But that didn’t prevent the sponsor of that amendment from trying again.

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State lawmakers are looking at a proposal to eliminate sales taxes on college textbooks. Efforts to remove those taxes have not gone anywhere before but the lawmakers sponsoring it hope this time will be different.

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Some kids are going back to school this week in Ohio along with items bought during the state’s annual sales tax holiday two weekends ago. Ohio is one of 16 states offering sales tax free weekends for back to school shopping. A state lawmaker is proposing a bill to make even more items tax free during that weekend next year. 


While the new statewide gas tax went into effect July 1, there are more rules in the transportation budget that go into effect tomorrow. Restrictions on red light cameras are among them.

Eight-year-old Savannah Coleman was treated for serious injuries after being attacked by a dog in Clermont County last year.
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Rep. Niraj Antani (R-Miamisburg) says hundreds of people suffer serious and sometimes fatal injuries caused by dog attacks every year. He says it's time to take this issue seriously by strengthening the dangerous dogs law in Ohio.

Some schools throughout Ohio have been closed recently due to heat. And state lawmakers are considering ideas to help students beat the heat. 

Republican, Dayton area

A Republican state lawmaker who backed a failed attempt to overturn a county tax levy wants to make it tougher for counties to raise taxes. 

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Ohio House sessions for this week have, once again, been cancelled due to controversy over who will be the next speaker. The fight that’s been brewing among majority Republicans in the House Is now affecting the business of the legislature - and is quickly becoming a campaign issue.


A bill will be introduced later this week that would change the rules under which lawmakers accept gifts and would ban international travel. This comes in the wake of the resignation of former House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger, who has hired an attorney to deal with inquiries from the FBI. 


A new bill has been introduced that would require health classes cover fetal development and offer students information on where they can find prenatal care. But it doesn’t include other related information.

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Amid the debate over whether teachers should be armed in schools, a Dayton-area lawmaker says he believes some students could carry weapons as well.


An Ohio lawmaker wants the state to take tougher action when an ex-convict on parole fails a random drug test. The proposal is meant to act as an intervention for addicts.


The only Democrat on the Ohio Supreme Court announced in October that he intends to run for governor next year, but Bill O’Neill now says he won’t leave the bench until January 26. But state lawmakers may try to force him out sooner.

O'Neill Ouster Condundrum

Nov 10, 2017
Ohio Supreme Court

Some political analysts think one Republican lawmaker’s plan to remove the only Democratic Justice on the Ohio Supreme Court could backfire. 

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If Issue 2 had passed on Tuesday night, it would have been only the fourth time in Ohio history that a law brought to the ballot by an individual or a group was approved by voters. There’s a new effort to make changes in that process.

Rep. Niraj Antani, Republican, in background
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Though Republican state lawmakers claim to have cut taxes by $5 billion in the last six years, a new group has been set up to fight for lower taxes in Ohio. It's part of the national group Americans for Tax Reform- best known for the anti-tax pledge it asks politicians to sign. 

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As more Ohio cities purchase body cameras for their police departments, questions are being raised about whether material recorded on them should be available to the public.