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The state's new $4 million dollars effort is focused on kids. Recent serious illnesses associated with vaping are alarming state leaders and health experts. 

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Three cases of severe lung illness that are likely due to vaping have been confirmed in Ohio. And it’s thought there are more. 

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Ohio has its first confirmed case of measles this year. In fact, it’s the first confirmed case in Ohio since 2017. And the patient in this case was infected outside of the state.

Dr. Amy Acton and Gov. Mike DeWine shake hands after she was sworn in as Director of the Ohio Department of Health.
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Gov. Mike DeWine has filled the final position open in his cabinet, which is likely the most diverse in state history.


As opiate deaths continue to climb in Ohio, there’s another deadly trend that’s apparently gaining popularity – drug combinations. 

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There’s a new scam that is prompting Ohioans to give personal information, thinking they are providing it to the health department. But that’s not the case.

Ohio Department of Health

The director of the Ohio Department of Health is resigning.

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The Ohio Department of Health reports the flu is widespread throughout the state.

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A decision by the Ohio Department of Health to order a Dayton area abortion clinic to shut down is drawing criticism and praise. Abortion opponents say it’s a step in the right direction but supporters of legal abortion say it is politically motivated over-reach by a state agency. 

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The Ohio Department of Health has heard the case of whether to close down one of the only two abortion clinics operating in southwest Ohio.

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The state Department of Health has been answering questions from the public about a virus that poses a potential danger to pregnant women.