Ohio National Guard

Ohio National Guard personnel who helped with distributing food throughout central Ohio during the pandemic get a "clap out" from volunteers and employees at the decommissioning program.
Karen Kasler

Last spring, Ohio was the first state to deploy its national guard to help with what became a critical element of the pandemic: getting emergency food to people in need who were locked down at home, including those who’d been unemployed and many suddenly out of work. The people dispatched to help are now off that job.

Ohio National Guard in Columbus during 2020 protests
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Pictures of National Guard members sleeping on the floor in parking garages in Washington D.C. have been flooding the internet lately. But those people in the photos are not members of Ohio’s National Guard. 

Ohio Highway Patrol troopers and Ohio National Guard personnel were at the Ohio Statehouse starting this weekend and continuing through Wednesday.
Karen Kasler

On this inauguration day, security remains high at the Ohio Statehouse after preparations for a weekend armed march that never fully materialized. They included a stepped-up increase of law enforcement and limited access to the building.

Ohio National Guard in Columbus
Jo Ingles

Members of Ohio’s National Guard has been called in to help with the upcoming presidential debate in Cleveland next week. 

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Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ohio National Guard members have been helping foodbanks out with distribution. The Guard was supposed end its mission this month, but there's news it will continue to help in a reduced capacity.

An Ohio National Guard soldier watches a forklift move a load of personal protective equipment as part of a mission in April. This was one of several pandemic-related assignments the Guard has been deployed on since March.
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Nearly three quarters of all confirmed COVID-19 deaths in Ohio have been in nursing homes. Ohio National Guard personnel have been helping with testing in long term care facilities, but the funding for them to continue that and other pandemic related missions runs out in a month.

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The Ohio National Guard is returning to the state after being called to Washington, DC to secure demonstrations in the District. However, members of the guard are still in some Ohio cities as protesters continue to demonstrate against the deaths of George Floyd and other black people killed by police.

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An unnamed member of the Ohio National Guard has been suspended from duty after the FBI alleged the soldier expressed "white supremacist ideology" online, according to Gov. Mike DeWine.

Ohio National Guard/Twitter

Ohio National Guard members have been performing a variety of duties during the COVID19 pandemic. But the roles of members are changing a bit as time progresses.

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The Ohio National Guard’s Military Reserve soldiers have been helping out at food banks, but they are also collecting and distributing personal protective equipment to people who need it. 

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The Ohio National Guard is working with public health leaders all around the state in what they say is a coordinated effort to prepare for the peak of the coronavirus.

Members of the Ohio National Guard's 37th Infantry Brigade Combat Team out of Columbus package food at the Mid-Ohio Food Collective.
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Nearly 400 Ohio National Guard personnel have started a mission in a dozen sites around the state in the fight against coronavirus. They’re working at 12 food bank locations.

The Ohio National Guard helped out with recovery efforts in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria in October 2017.

The Ohio National Guard is being deployed on Monday to help with the state’s coronavirus response. But the Guard’s leader wants to make it clear what they will not be doing.

Ohio National Guard

Ohioans may notice a heavy presence of first responders, military personnel, military aircraft, and emergency vehicles in multiple areas throughout Ohio as part of a disaster response exercise.

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President Trump is saying he’ll order National Guard troops be sent to the border with Mexico to prevent undocumented immigrants from entering the U.S. But some governors say they will not follow those orders. Here's what Gov. John Kasich says he'll do.