Ohio School Boards Association

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Ohio law says medical marijuana can be used to treat specific conditions in children. But what happens when those kids need to take a dose of it while they are attending school? The answer is unclear.

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The relationship between Gov. John Kasich and Ohio’s education leaders has been troubled for years. When it comes to school administrators, they’ve seen proposals from Kasich that cut funding and change the structure of school boards. These decisions loomed over Kasich as he addressed a statewide school boards association conference for the first time in his seven years in office.

Andy Chow

A new report suggests a high school graduation crisis could be coming in Ohio. More than a third of the state’s high schoolers have not yet scored what they need to in order to get their diploma. Education leaders and teachers believe the clock is ticking down to that potential disaster, and are begging for help.

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Some Democrats and critics of the state's school district grade cards say they should have never been released this year since the test used to formula those grades has since been scrapped. But not everyone agrees.