Ohioans to Stop Executions

Sister Helen Prejean
Jo Ingles

The author of the book, “Dead Man Walking,” says she thinks executions in Ohio and elsewhere are soon going to be a thing of the past. 

Ron Corby, OGT

Advocates against capital punishment say they’re pleased with comments from Gov. Mike DeWine, who says executions won’t proceed until the prisons department comes up with a new lethal injection process.


Gov. John Kasich has granted clemency to a death row inmate scheduled to be put to death next month. 

Statehouse News Bureau

An outspoken advocate against the death penalty says though yesterday’s lethal injection of Ronald Phillips was problem-free, he worries that won’t be the case with the more than two dozen executions that are scheduled over the next three years.

Andy Chow

A coalition of anti-death penalty advocates are hoping Gov. John Kasich will once again delay the execution of a death row inmate next month. They rallied at the Ohio Statehouse where religious leaders tried to appeal to Kasich’s faith.

Ron Corby, OGT

There haven’t been any executions in Ohio for almost three years. The state hasn’t been able to get the lethal injection drugs needed to carry out those death sentences. But there’s a suggestion that a widely used and available gas could be used as a substitute.

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A group that fights for an end to the death penalty in Ohio has issued a new report showing a task force’s recent recommendations are not being implemented.