plastic bag ban

Jo Ingles

The Ohio Legislature has passed a controversial bill that bans communities from passing bans on containers like plastic bags or Styrofoam.  Gov. DeWine, who once opposed the idea, is signaling he’ll sign this bill into law. 

A Republican-backed bill to prohibit communities from banning plastic bags and other disposable containers passed the Senate on a mostly party line vote, after a significant change related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Karen Kasler

Local communities wouldn’t be able to ban single use plastic bags under a bill the Ohio House has passed – mostly along party lines – and sent on to the Senate.

Karen Kasler

State lawmakers are considering a pair of Republican-backed bills that would toss out current and future bans on single-use plastic bags passed by local governments.

Three communities in Ohio have enacted bans on plastic bags.
Karen Kasler

State senators considering one of two bills to ban local bans on plastic bags heard from around 40 opponents, who either came to a committee hearing or sent in written testimony.


Cuyahoga County and the communities of Bexley in central Ohio and Orange in northeast Ohio have voted to ban plastic bags at retailers, with fees or fines for those that violate them. Now, a state lawmaker has a bill to bag those bans by targeting those fees.


Ohio state lawmakers are trying to ban local governments from implementing fees on plastic bags. The legislation is moving through the General Assembly as major cities around the country move in the opposite direction.