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State agencies were forced to make cuts at the end of Ohio’s fiscal year in June to deal with coronavirus impacts. And in most cases, those have carried over into this current year’s budget. Now a liberal leaning think tank says continuing at that level will slow the economic recovery even further.

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Ohio has its first inmate death due to the coronavirus pandemic. Gov. Mike DeWine says an inmate at the Pickaway Correctional Institution has passed away. Last week, a corrections officer at the Marion Correctional Institution died from the illness.

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Statehouse Republicans have championed recent tax changes, including the elimination of income taxes for those making less than $21,750 a year. But a new report by a liberal leaning think tank shows tax changes recently made by Ohio lawmakers will make the rich richer and will require lower middle class or poor Ohioans to possibly pay more. 

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Jo Ingles

Democratic Ohio lawmakers are making another effort to raise the state’s minimum wage.