Reagan Tokes

Reagan Tokes' parents, Lisa and Toby Tokes, September 2017
Karen Kasler

Reagan Tokes was a 21-year-old Ohio State University student who was kidnapped, raped and murdered by a recently released felon in 2017. While part of a package of bills named for her passed last year, backers say important measures still need to be put into law. 

Andy Chow

The Ohio House passed a high-profile bill to reform criminal sentencing and strengthen probation monitoring. The bill is in response to the murder of an OSU student last year.

Statehouse News Bureau

The prosecutor involved in the case of the kidnapping, rape and murder of an Ohio State student in February is pleased with the introduction of legislation named for her. But he thinks changes relating to release and monitoring of accused criminals could have happened sooner.

Parents of Reagan Tokes, slain Ohio State University student
Karen Kasler

Ohio lawmakers are considering a bipartisan bill that would keep dangerous felons behind bars and increases monitoring of them once they are released. It comes after the kidnapping, rape, and murder of an Ohio State student from northwest Ohio earlier this year.