RNC 2020

Ja'Ron Smith

During the final night of the Republican National Convention, President Donald Trump's deputy assistant Ja'Ron Smith told the national audience that his Cleveland roots are part of his value system and that Trump has been fighting hard for the issues that matter to Black people.

Jim Jordan RNC

The main event for tonight's Republican National Convention will be President Donald Trump's address accepting the party's nomination, but it is also set to feature Cleveland native Ja'Ron Smith, deputy assistant to the president.

Tera Myers

Night three of the Republican National Convention focused on President Donald Trump's stance on several issues including law enforcement, abortion, and veterans for the theme "Land of Heroes." The lineup of speakers included Tera Myers, a school choice advocate from Ohio whose son benefited from a voucher program.

Donald Trump RNC

Supporters for President Donald Trump are canvassing Ohio during the Republican National Convention, trying to rally support for November's election. Although 2020 has been upended by the coronavirus pandemic, the Republican party says a main message is the impact Trump has had on the economy.


A truck driver from Youngstown, Geno DiFabio, was featured during the second night of the Republican National Convention as part of the night's general theme "Land of Opportunity" saying President Donald Trump's policies help create economic opportunity.

Andy Chow

President Donald Trump's campaign in Ohio is preparing for a busy week, running many events in collaboration with the Republican National Convention.