school choice

Tera Myers

Night three of the Republican National Convention focused on President Donald Trump's stance on several issues including law enforcement, abortion, and veterans for the theme "Land of Heroes." The lineup of speakers included Tera Myers, a school choice advocate from Ohio whose son benefited from a voucher program.

Saddia Kendrick, an eighth grader at Corryville Catholic in Cincinnati. She wants to attend a private Catholic high school, but said if EdChoice is eliminated her family wouldn’t get a $6,000 voucher and they would have to pay tuition.
Karen Kasler

As conference committee hearings on a bill to change the state’s EdChoice private school voucher program go on, parents and students in that program came together to speak out for one of the two plans being debated by lawmakers. A resolution needs to be agreed on before the EdChoice application process opens April 1.

Andy Chow

Parents of kids using private school vouchers are calling on lawmakers to reject a plan that would avoid a major influx in schools eligible for the EdChoice program.

Sen. Matt Huffman explains his bill to reporters
Jo Ingles

A federal program that could provide $5 billion dollars to private schools across the country hasn’t received the ok from congress yet. But that’s not stopping at least one state senator from introducing a bill to draw down those dollars when and if the program is approved.

Jo Ingles

More than one thousand students, parents, and leaders from private schools rallied at the Statehouse to thank lawmakers for money in the budget that helps low-income families pay for tuition. 

Andy Chow

Charter school advocates brought out a group of supporters that aren’t always heard in the education debate: the students themselves.