Thomas West

Rep. Randi Clites (D-Ravenna) speaks about the copay assistance bill sponsored by Rep. Susan Manchester (R-Waynesfield, left) and Rep. Thomas West (D-Canton). Clites’ 17 year old son has hemophilia.
Karen Kasler

Some Ohioans who rely on copay assistance programs to help with expensive medications are finding that their insurance companies are no longer allowing those payments to apply to their deductibles. Two lawmakers are hoping their bill will stop that.


In the next five years, more than a quarter of Ohioans will be over the age of 60. And that’s a concern for first responders, as they’re more likely than ever to encounter a person with dementia. The symptoms of that condition can be misunderstood.  Now there's a new bill to deal with that. 

Tom Tyler, Americas CEO, talks about pilot project
Jo Ingles

Ohio’s Legislative Black Caucus, some state leaders and some business owners say they are working hard to continue to encourage more minority owned businesses in Ohio. 

Backers of resolution to put more women in leadership roles
Jo Ingles

In 2016, women represented more than 44% of the labor force in Ohio but just slightly more than 20 percent of the seats on boards of Fortune 1000 companies headquartered in Ohio.