Tina Maharath

Ohio Senate

A shooting spree in Georgia left eight people dead, most of whom are of Asian descent. Leaders in Ohio say this is just the latest example of the uptick in violent acts occurring against Asian American and Pacific Islanders since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and legislators say they have a bill that can help address the problem.

Senate Democrats outline their priorities in Jan 28, 2020 teleconference
Jo Ingles

Democrats in Ohio’s Senate have laid out their priorities for the upcoming budget. 

Memorial in Washington D.C. remembers Capitol Police Officer Brian Sickwick
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A Democratic Ohio Senator is urging her colleagues in the Ohio Legislature to pass a resolution that denounces the violence caused at the Jan 6th insurrection in Washington DC. But that's not all it does. 

Tina Maharath for Ohio Senate

The results for a razor close central Ohio Senate seat have flipped after officials counted the remaining provisional and absentee ballots. The race is just the latest seat to flip from Republican to Democratic.