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Ohio leaders are touting a new program at Columbus State Community College which they believe will spur workforce development all around Ohio.

Sen. Bill Coley (R-West Chester) proposes expanding workforce development program that coordinates employment with higher education.
Andy Chow

A state senator is touting a new program that he says can play a critical role in college affordability and workforce development by connecting college freshmen with employers.

Lt. Gov.-elect Jon Husted has been asked to play several roles in the DeWine Administration, including overseeing workforce transformation efforts. 

Tim Dubravetz

For the second year in a row, Ohio lawmakers are considering delaying tougher new requirements for a high school diploma because thousands of students are in danger of not being able to graduate.  Gov. John Kasich said he's concerned about the looming graduation crisis and education in general.

Karen Kasler

Gov. John Kasich talked about one of his favorite subjects – partnering with community colleges to develop workers’ high tech skills – as he opened the Midwestern Governors Association workforce summit Wednesday.  But he also talked about what he says won’t be changing when it comes to Ohio’s workforce.

Dan Konik

Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Rich Cordray has unveiled a workforce development and job creation plan, saying that workers must come first if the state wants to thrive economically. His proposal also includes focusing on small businesses and investment in training. 

Karen Kasler

The Republican candidate for governor has rolled out a workforce development and economic investment plan that he describes as cutting edge – focusing on public-private partnerships but also shutting down what he says are regulations that hurt businesses.