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Lawmakers Tackle Road/Bridge Improvement Funding Issues

Andy Chow
A meeting of the Joint Legislative Task Force on Department of Transportation Issues in the Ohio Senate Building

A group of lawmakers is looking into where Ohio is falling short when it comes to repairing roads and bridges, and how to bring in more money. 

Twenty-eight cents from every gallon of gas sold goes to the motor fuel tax fund, most of which is directed to the Ohio Department of Transportation.

Grace Gallucci of the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency says urban areas are having a tough time funding local road improvement projects and even more of that fuel tax revenue should go to Cuyahoga, Franklin and Hamilton counties.

“The revenue -- for the most part -- is raised in those three metropolitan areas there should be an equitable return on that investment and I can tell you based on our analysis there is not,” said Gallucci.

Other suggestions lawmakers heard include raising the fuel tax, matching it to inflation, and raising the $20 cap currently on the license plate tax.

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