Ohio Earns "D-" for Extreme Weather Preparedness

Nov 19, 2015

When it comes to battling the elements of extreme weather, one group says Ohio is failing. 

Extreme heat, drought and flooding are all things that can plague the state. But a report from a climate change awareness group accuses Ohio of not doing enough to avoid such severe weather patterns in the future.

Rep. David Leland (D-Columbus), backed by Franklin County Commissioner Marilyn Brown and Dr. Julie Novel
Credit Andy Chow

  Democratic Representative David Leland of Columbus says, despite the discouraging grade, he’s optimistic leaders can break party lines to address the issue.

“Everything that happens to us in the next 20 years whether we have enough water to drink, whether we have enough food to eat, everything is going to be related to our ability to deal with climate change,” Leland said.

An example in the report of a well-prepared state is California which has programs in place to determine the effect development projects would have on climate change.

Read the full report here.