Crime survivors gather in the Statehouse Rotunda after telling their stories to state lawmakers. An exhibit featuring crime survivors' stories is set up in the space.
Karen Kasler

Hundreds of crime survivors came to the Statehouse to tell their stories to lawmakers, who are considering changes to bail, sentencing laws and other elements of the criminal justice system.

Gov. Mike DeWine (R) speaks to reporters after an event in Columbus.
Daniel Konik

Gov. Mike DeWine is standing behind the numbers used to create his budget, as Republican House Speaker Larry Householder suggests he’s leaning toward more conservative numbers from the legislature’s economic analysts. 

Gov. Mike DeWine (second from right) signs footballs with officials from the Ohio High School Athletic Association and Mercy Health.
Karen Kasler

The state’s largest health system will be the official health care partner of the Ohio High School Athletic Association, providing services at tournaments and championship events for the next three years. And the partnership goes beyond sports-related injuries.

De Repente,

A new report from the Ohio Chamber of Commerce says businesses it surveyed in the Buckeye State plan to hire employees despite the uncertainty of economic stability. 

Ohio Senate President Larry Obhof
Jo Ingles

The president of the Ohio Senate doesn’t think lawmakers infringed on cities’ rights with legislation that supersedes local gun ordinances and gives citizens the right to challenge those local laws in court. 

Office of Budget and Management director Kimberly Murnieks and Legislative Budget Office director Mark Flanders testified before the House Finance Committee.
Karen Kasler

On the first day of hearings on Gov. Mike DeWine’s $69 billion operating budget, lawmakers are hearing about two sets of economic forecasts. And they’ll have to decide which estimates they’ll go with.

Andy Chow

The Ohio House is now streaming more committee hearings online through the purchase and installation of new cameras at the Statehouse. This is part of the new effort to expand transparency in the bill making process. 

Andy Chow

Republican Senate leaders released their version of the transportation budget bill, making dozens of changes to what the House passed in HB62, however the gas tax increase went untouched. Sen. Rob McColley (R-Napoleon) says it's very likely that will change.

The Botanist, a dispensary in Canton
Adrian Ma / Ideastream

Medical marijuana sales in Ohio continue to increase, even if the product is still available on a very limited basis. 

Dan Konik

Republican leaders in the Ohio Senate have hinted at some possible changes to the transportation budget plan that could spark a debate among the Senate, House, and governor's office.