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Statehouse Visitors Now Need To Go Through Metal Detectors

Jo Ingles

Tomorrow is the annual public holiday party at the Ohio Statehouse. And the hundreds who are expected to attend will receive a different greeting this year.

A walk through a metal detector and a bag search is now required before entering the Statehouse. And despite the fact that permit holders can carry concealed weapons in many public buildings, and lawmakers are considering a bill to allow Ohioans to carry concealed weapons in daycares, schools and other public places, Statehouse spokesman Luke Stedke says visitors are not allowed to carry concealed weapons inside the building.

Stedke “Open carry is allowed on the grounds and as long as you have an open carry concealed permit, it can be in your car in the parking garage.”

Ingles “But you can not bring it into the Statehouse?”

Stedke “You cannot a firearm inside the Statehouse.”

Stedke says the new metal detectors are at the three public entrances - a fourth entrance off High Street is now closed.

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