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Charter School Supporters Weigh-in on Funding Issue

Soon after lawmakers passed charter school reform laws, advocates for traditional public schools started suggesting changes in the funding system. As Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports -- charter school experts have some thoughts on that.

Charter school critics have said too much money is being pulled away from traditional public schools and into charters. 

But charter school supporters say the state needs to take a look at the overall education funding formula.

Darlene Chambers is president of the Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

“If you’re in the community and you’re levy weary and you get told you’re gonna lose your buses and your kids are going to pay for cheerleading uniforms -- I go back to growing up going when did this all change? When did funding get so complex," said Chambers.

There have been proposals in the past that would require direct funding, which goes straight to the charter instead of through the traditional public school.

Andy Chow at the Ohio Public Radio Statehouse News Bureau.

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