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Study Shows Preparedness Gap Between Wealthy, Low-Income Schools

Officials say a new studyserves as proof that the gap between low-income school districts and wealthier school districts continues to widen.

The study conducted for a coalition of school administrator groups says a school district with an economically disadvantaged student body has only a 74% graduation rate.

The concern over the academic performance of a wealthy school compared to a low-income school is nothing new. But Jay Smith with the Ohio School Board Association hopes this latest study can spark change if groups from all across education get together and share ideas.

“What may work in one area may not work in another area, so that’s something that we feel may need further research so we can figure out what works best. And it may not be a one size fits all,” said Smith.

The study also found large differences in the number of AP courses taken and the number of students that participated in the SAT and ACT.

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