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Religious Leaders Stump For Pro-Green Energy Policies

Andy Chow
Rev. Tony Minor, Community of Faith Assembly in Cleveland

Advocates in the fight for stronger green energy policies are highlighting a unique voice in their corner - faith leaders. 

Religious leaders came to the Statehouse to show support for alternative and green energy standards, which state lawmakers froze in 2014. But a senate bill would continue that freeze.

Rev. Tony Minor, from Community of Faith Assembly in Cleveland says supporting these measures protects God’s creation and helps the poor by increasing jobs.

Minor says Gov. John Kasich is also on their side.

“I think he’s been going across the country and seeing that there are other states that have now surpassed Ohio in adopting these standards and I think he’s coming back to his home state and saying ‘hey, we fumbled the ball,’” said Minor.

Kasich has said an indefinite freeze of the standards in unacceptable.

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