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Drug Price Relief Act Now In Hands Of Ohio Lawmakers

Jo Ingles
Drug Price Relief Act

Ohio lawmakers will now have a plan before them that would lower the price on prescription drugs purchased by the state. And if lawmakers don’t pass it, Ohio voters could have the opportunity.

State lawmakers now have four months to pass the Drug Price Relief Act, which would require state programs pay the same or less for prescription drugs than the federal department of Veterans Affairs. Ged Kenslea says Secretary of State Jon Husted stalled for a month, which is time his group might need to gather more signatures to take the issue to voters.

“By chewing up a month and a week, that gives us a compressed amount of time at the end to collect additional signatures.”

Joshua Eck with Ohio’s Secretary of State disagrees.

“Well nothing could be further from the truth. We had a complaint that Ohio laws were broken in this process.”

Eck says some signatures were thrown out. Kinslea says the group will still consider a lawsuit if they run out of time gathering signatures to take the issue to the ballot.

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